It's funny...I've meet a electrician recently, appear they are attractive in this small town. I doubt a small town electrician that like to have it up the ass.... Would be pleasing to any Worldwide lady... I mean I have 2 ladies that been around the world, and educated... You have 2 low class, small town girls that are soiled by a low class small town electrician... Do you anything else to offer? You are pretty low man...

Funny - 6 months ago

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Confession...I've tried to jerk off out of shemale porn... I really did to know the truth... I've even tried it in VR to have a good experience... Nann man, as soon I see the saussage of the other guy. I get soft and turn it off.... I'm sorry, I know it would be convenient for everyone... But I can get suck, or fuck an ass if I don't see a dick... Gosh I've refused the last 3 threesome cause they wanted another guy... Nannn I'm pretty confident about that one.

Confession - 6 months ago

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For the hispanic out there... Basically, if I get the story right... During my breakdown last year, I've hold on into someone so I'm not losing it. Meanwhile there was a blond which had issues with a Narcissist. Her Abuser was my best friend. And me and the blond have a "history" kind of... So they were manipulating me, to support her, while making the switch of woman. Do I have the plan right? They just forgot a few small "details" along the way.

Know - 6 months ago

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